Not all always easy

We definitely want to encourage everyone with our shared experiences here to always follow your heart and fulfill your dreams - no matter how "crazy, unreliable, risky etc" they might seem to others.
This also includes embracing the obstacles you will find  on your way and not giving up.

Typical obstacles we encountered on our chosen journey so far are for example tough paths, ticks (after one night in the forest Jonathan had dozens of them), mosquitos, storms and harsh weathers (naturewise but also emotionally). But also a toothache can stop you for a while or other physical needs - especially of the child.It is important then to cultivate your patience and devotion and see the hindrance as a part of your journey rather than an interruption. 

Hailstorm // Hohes Venn, Germany //
Right now we are in Belgium staying with two good friends and waiting for my toothache to pass. One of my wisdom teeth was making trouble and had to be removed this morning - unfortunately with minor complications.

It is yet not clear when we will continue walking but I try still to always continue our path by reminding myself of our vision, by listening to my heart and by calming my fears.

...And with deep thankfulness to everyone who helped us so far, whenever an obstacle occurred!