Northern France in Pictures (Ault - Le Trèport - Dieppe)

Weather change observed in Ault: the picture below was taken 15min later.

Whereas most of the French Atlantic coastline offers sandbeaches, the cliffs here are breathtakingly beautiful and wild.

Kosma enjoying one of many playground stops along the coastline. Usually toilets and drinkable water are accessible nearby.

Such stops can be used to do your laundry or dry the tent after foggy mornings; the hot stones provide a perfect dryer alternative.

Did you know that linnen is so pretty?

Cold sea wind yet quite an aggressive sun: always be sure to protect skin and - as Kosma points out - your head.

New surveillance system: Seagoogles.


Western view onto Le Trèport. The Grand Randonnee trail leads from the eastern cliff down into the city. 

Le Trèport's roofs or: seagull toilet.

The steep Escaliers des Falaises (Cliff stairs) lead out of the city of Le Trèport. Very managable with the Carrix btw.

Just behind the coastline you will find youself surrounded by swamps quite often: protected bird reservoirs and home to a vast biodiversity.

One more time Ault with a happy Kosma.


Seaside house mosaic.

Behind Le Trèport after the mastered stair climb and a well deserved rest.

Enjoying the view from the cliff outside and above Le Trèport, also after the stair climb.

Linnen again. When harvested, locals told us, it needs to dry for a month on the field after cutting.

Urban gardening in Dieppe.

Coast of Dieppe.

Dieppe's real government from above its roofs.

Leaving Dieppe on the St Jacques. Unfortunately this route from Dieppe to Rouen was mostly on tarred streets and the few trails through the forest were not well taken care of and overgrown: ticks everywhere. We eventually with a lot of help left the path and reached Rouen via autostop.